Iván Franco

Cortegada, 1979

Period of residence in Piramidón: since november 2015

Work: Acting as a bridge between the comprehensible and the visible aspects of reality, these parameters serve to make the observer aware that what the representation presents is a lack of reality, an allegory of death, a manifesto of non-existence. When viewed from a mythological standpoint, the personified icon unmistakably stands as the quintessential example of a simulacrum. Through a process of pedagogical assimilation, we come to believe that certain iconographic entities exist when they are actually nothing more than products of the collective imagination that has given them form.

Latest exhibitions:

  • ONE AND THREE POLAROIDS. Alzueta Gallery. Barcelona 2022
  • Modportrait 2017 IACC Pablo Serrano. Zaragoza / MEAM. Barcelona. 2018
  • MARTE. Feria de Arte Contemporáneo. Stand Piramidón. Castellón. 2018
  • Contact Sheet. Galeria Miquel Alzueta. Barcelona. 2017
  • Art París Art Fair. Galerie ALB. París. 2017



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