Tono Carbajo

Vigo, 1960

Period of residence in Piramidón: Since December 2000

Work: Combining photography, video, assemblies, drawings and objects, Carbajo investigates in varying directions without finding limits to the expressive language. Basing the structure of his works in the play of opposites and the combination of the elements, Carbajo reflects on the union of distinct objects and the relationships among them. This way, the artist´s constructive poetic incorporates materials alien to painting, that violate the limits and even surpasses them completely, in order to reach a purified and courageous work.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Mar de cura, mar de fuga. Museo Maritim Barcelona Lonja San Cris. Drap-Art '19 Festival Internacional de Arte Sostenible. Barcelona. 2019
  • Európolis. Galería Àcid Sulfúric. Barcelona. 2018
  • The Kintsugi Forest. Fresh Paint 9. Steinhardt Museum. Tel Aviv. 2017
  • Tiehl and The Houses Of Wishes. INTERVIEWROOM 11 Gallery. Edimburgo. 2016
  • Expulsados y otros poemas de resistencia. Drap-Art '15. Festival Internacional de Arte Sostenible. CCCB. Barcelona. 2015 
  • 14 km de sel et de rêves. 1ª Biennale Internationale Casablanca, Anciens Abattoires. Marruecos. 2012




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