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... Repetició en Repetició [20/09/2022_05/01/2023]

... Àfrica [10/05/2022_29/07/2022]

... 2022_n1 [18/01/2022_31/03/2022]

... Vol I. Geometrías rimadas [26/11/2021_05/01/2022]

... Second Screen [14/09/2021_23/11/2021]

... 2021_n3 [14/09/2021_05/01/2022]

KIT [11/05/2021_31/07/2021]





Laura Sebastianes



Under the title KIT, the artist Laura Sebastianes (Córdoba, 1990) combines a sample of different processes that communicate and feed back each other. In it, some of the methodological features of Laura Sebastianes are captured: transdisciplinary processes of material research with pieces that range from collage to sculpture, installation or the domesticated object. Her works are between use and poetry, pointing out elements that make up a daily life is a dispersed process, a selection of balances in which there is a method. In continuous interaction with elements and compounds, they triangulate with space, with the senses. A visual composition that has contemplated the functionality of each piece. Each of these has had other pasts, other combinations, and they are now an alterable unit - there a hand, reflection, touch, vibration, a sound, shadow and light.







Collective exhibition



Artists: Alberto Gil, Antoni Abad, Oriol Aribau, Jose Bonell, Alejandro Calderón, Yamandú Canosa, Tono Carbajo, Rosanna Casano, Iván Franco, Marco Noris, Guillermo Pfaff, Pol Pintó, Stella Rahola, Kati Riquelme, Eduard Resbier, Lorena Ruiz. …

... KIT [11/05/2021_31/07/2021]

... 2021_n1

... Nel lieve sovrapporsi di cielo e terra. [15/09/2020_20/11/2020]

2020_n1. [04/03/2020_28/04/2020]






Collective exhibition



Artists: Tono Carbajo, Rosanna Casano, Marco Noris, Yamandú Canosa, Kati Riquelme, Iván Franco, Alberto Gil, Eduard Resbier, Ruben Torras, Pere de Ribot, Antoni Abad, Khalid El Bekay, Guillermo Pfaff, Stella Rahola, Agustina Palazzo, Keila Alaver.…

... 2020_n1. [04/03/2020_28/04/2020]

Murmullo. [28/01/2020_09/04/2020]






Kati Riquelme



Murmullo. The artist, a photographer specialized in the XIX Century photographic techniques, show us a medium format photographies serie which have, as the main theme, the darkness that the individual has to face sometimes in his life. Starting from this premise, she proposes the idea of the forest as a metaphor of that experiencie and set up a immersive route among her atworks, surrounding the viewer in this concrete atmosphere.

The work of Kati Riquelme, focused in the poetic of emotions, until this moment it has been represented in little format works, trying to place the viewer in a more intime approach. At this exhibition, for the first time, she shows bigger works and plays with the importance that have the montage and the space of the exhibition in the perception of the viewer. She always keep the black and white as main means of expression in his work, but in this exhibition the black takes a principal presence, becoming the center of the artistic proposal. Through "Murmullo", she seeks to delve into the deepest part that lives within each one of us.  



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... Murmullo. [28/01/2020_09/04/2020]

Cinemàtiques. [17/09/2019_19/11/2019]






Ruben Torras



Cinemàtiques.  The work of Ruben Torras travels in the uncritical line where painting and photography mix for creating a field of exploration towards the unkown. A space of possible parallel realities where we are attracted by curiosity. The exhibition begins with the modular series in which, through an asymetrical physical format inspired by industrial design. On the one hand, it emphasizes the quality of an object in each piece and, on the other hand, focuses on offering different modes of perception of three-dimensionality. 


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... Cinemàtiques. [17/09/2019_19/11/2019]

... Tramoie. [28/05/2019_02/08/19]

2019_n2. [04/05/2019_31/07/2019]






Collective Exhibition



Artistas: Tono Carbajo, Diego Pujal, Rosanna Casano, Xavi Ceerre, Marco Noris, Daniel de la Barra, Yamandú Canosa, Kati Riquelme, Iván Franco, Alberto Gil, Natalia Carminati, Eduard Resbier, Ruben Torras, Pere de Ribot, Avelino Sala, Antoni Abad y Guillermo Pfaff.…

... 2019_n2. [04/05/2019_31/07/2019]

... Revisions #2 Carles Gabarró. [05/02/2019_22/03/2019]

... 2019_n1. [22/01/2019_22/03/2019]

... Tres Tiempos. [06/11/2018_25/01/2019]

... 2018_n3. [12/09/2018_13/11/2018]

... Revisions #1 Jordi Fulla. [12/09/2018_13/11/2018]

... El peso de mis vecinas. [22/05/2018_20/07/2018]

... 2018_n2. [24/04/2018_29/06/2018]

... H0. [06/03/2018_11/05/2018]

... 2018_n1. [27/01/2018_10/04/2018]

... 842' 36''. Lijar un lienzo en blanco. [24/11/2017_26/01/18]

... 2017_n3. [22/09/2017_17/11/2017]

... nublo nobla. [09/05/2017_24/07/2017]

... 2017_n2. [21/03/2017_05/05/2017]

... Venien de lluny. [07/02/2017_17/03/2017]

... 2017_n1. [16/12/2016_03/03/2017]

... 16 x 16. [16/12/2016_03/03/2017]

... 2016_n2. [13/09/2016_02/12/2016]

... Espacio industrial. [08/09/2016_25/11/2016]

... L'espai invisible. [10/05/2016_28/07/2016]

... 2016_n1. [01/03/2016_22/04/2016]

... 25 al quadrat. [11/12/2015_17/02/2016]

... 2015_n2. [07/09/2015_07/11/2017]


... Bisturí o arsénico [28/04/2015_28/07/2015]