Kati Riquelme



Murmullo. The artist, a photographer specialized in the XIX Century photographic techniques, show us a medium format photographies serie which have, as the main theme, the darkness that the individual has to face sometimes in his life. Starting from this premise, she proposes the idea of the forest as a metaphor of that experiencie and set up a immersive route among her atworks, surrounding the viewer in this concrete atmosphere.

The work of Kati Riquelme, focused in the poetic of emotions, until this moment it has been represented in little format works, trying to place the viewer in a more intime approach. At this exhibition, for the first time, she shows bigger works and plays with the importance that have the montage and the space of the exhibition in the perception of the viewer. She always keep the black and white as main means of expression in his work, but in this exhibition the black takes a principal presence, becoming the center of the artistic proposal. Through "Murmullo", she seeks to delve into the deepest part that lives within each one of us.  



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