In the heart of Barcelona's St. Martí district, Piramidón has been a beacon of contemporary art since 1990. Beyond a traditional gallery, it's a dynamic hub for artistic innovation led by President Isidre Bohigas and advisors Marc Comerma and Josep Alavedra.

Piramidón's unique blend of creation and exhibition spaces sets it apart, providing essential support for artists navigating the challenges of the art world. Our open-door policy invites visitors to not only explore exhibitions but also step into artists' studios, fostering direct connections and a deeper understanding of their work. With 18 studios hosting over 160 artists from 25 nationalities, Piramidón is a melting pot of creativity, bridging the gap between the art studio and gallery.

More than just an art space, Piramidón is a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures artistic expression and connects artists with the world. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned collector, join us in the journey of artistic discovery where the artist's vision meets the viewer's soul.

Residències, reflexions sobre l'espai (Tria 33)






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