In the heart of Barcelona's St. Martí district, Piramidón stands as an enduring bastion of contemporary art, having forged its path since its establishment in 1990. Our journey began with a clear vision - to be a haven for artistic innovation, offering solace to creators amidst the unpredictable tides of the art world.

Piramidón, far from conventional galleries, serves as a dynamic epicenter for artistic expression, brought to life through the dedication of individuals who understood the challenges faced by emerging artists. Under the leadership of Isidre Bohigas as President and guided by advisors Marc Comerma and Josep Alavedra, Piramidón embarked on an ambitious journey that spanned more than two decades, establishing itself as a unique institution within Barcelona's artistic landscape. It was during this period that Piramidón's impressive art collection began to take shape.

Piramidón is a hybrid space, seamlessly blending the realms of artistic creation and exhibition, transcending the conventional boundaries of a typical art gallery. This fusion of roles allows us to support artists not only in showcasing their work but also in nurturing their creative processes. We believe in providing artists with the essential infrastructure to navigate their artistic journeys successfully.

One of Piramidón's distinctive features is its open-door policy. Visitors are invited not only to view our current exhibitions but also to step into the artists' creative spaces. This unique access allows for direct interactions with the artists themselves, offering an unparalleled opportunity to engage with their perspectives and artistic narratives.

As a project that bridges the gap between an art gallery and a creative factory, Piramidón seamlessly combines the worlds of artistic production and art dissemination. Our ultimate goal is to empower artists by harmonizing two vital aspects of their practice: the atelier, where ideas are born, and the art gallery, where these ideas come to life.

With 18 studios that have hosted over 160 artists from 25 diverse nationalities, Piramidón serves as a melting pot of creativity. It's a space where artists can thrive, evolve, and engage with the contemporary art sector in multifaceted ways. Our artist residency program is a testament to our commitment to providing artists with the support and environment they need to flourish.

Piramidón, Centre d’Art Contemporani, is not just an art gallery; it's a vibrant ecosystem that fosters artistic expression, fosters creativity, and connects artists with the world. Whether you're taking your first steps into the art world or are a seasoned collector, Piramidón welcomes you to experience the magic of contemporary art up close and personal. Join us in our journey of artistic discovery, where the artist's vision meets the viewer's soul.


Residències, reflexions sobre l'espai (Tria 33)