Repetició en Repetició

Pol Pintó



Piramidón is showing the solo exhibition "Repetició en Repetició" by the artist-in-residence Pol Pintó (Barcelona, 1993). In the show, the artist projects a work marked by the reiteration of replicated strokes that maintain an identical pulse and intentionality. The canvases, sometimes raw, sometimes pigmented with very low saturation pastel tones on which the black of the lines is accentuated, reflect scenarios of similar appearance but of impossible symmetry.   


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Group Show



Artists: Jose Bonell, Yamandú Canosa, Tono Carbajo, Pepe Castellano, Iván Franco, Dedé Lins, Manolo Menéndez, Ana Monsó, Marco Noris, Stella Rahola, Eduard Resbier, Pere de Ribot, Kati Riquelme, Alsino Skowronnek y Estefania Urrutia.