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Piramidón is a dedicated space for showcasing and selling artworks by artists associated with Piramidón through their studios. Our typical gallery format features a collective exhibition that includes one piece from each artist, along with two annual solo exhibitions. In addition to these exhibitions, we organize various related activities, including artist presentations, guided tours, concerts, and the publication of exhibition catalogs.

Gallery Floor Plan ( 240 m)



Latest Exhibitions:


 Captura de Pantalla 2023 09 27 a les 17.57.26  Captura de Pantalla 2023 09 27 a les 18.15.35 Captura de Pantalla 2023 09 27 a les 18.04.27
el blanco va de fondo. Sebastián Cobo & Mau Samayoa 2023 Excavation Trails. Alsino Skowronnek 2023  Repetició en Repetició. Pol Pintó 2022
 Inauguracio 2020 Murmullo Kati Riquelme  j Inauguracion2019 INAUGURACIO CINEMATIQUES  k Inauguracion2019 TRAMOIE
  Murmullo. Kati Riquelme. 2020  Cinemàtiques. Ruben Torras. 2019  Tramoie. Rosanna Casano. 2019
 l Inauguracion 2018 TULIO PINTO  m Inauguracion 2018 HO IVAN  n Inauguracion 2017 DIEGO PUJAL
  Tulio Pinto. 2018   HO. Iván Franco. 2018  Nublo nobla. Diego Pujal. 2017
o Inauguracion 2016 16 X 16 COLECTIVA p Inauguracion 2015 25 AL QUADRAT  q Inauguracion 2015 CARLOS PAZOS
 16 x 16. Exposición colectiva. 2016   Exposición colectiva. 2015  Bisturí o arsénico. Carlos Pazos 2015




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