Duisburg, 1984.

Period of residence in Piramidon: from August 2022.

Obra:  Alsino Skowronnek's works establish a direct connection between the interfaces and data of the digital world and the analogical visual arts. The result of this dialogue is an abstraction…

... Alsino Skowronnek

Badalona, 1969.

Periodo de residencia en Piramidón: desde diciembre 2021.

Obra: Su producción artística nace de un constante diálogo entre pintura y realidad, rechazando el hiperrealismo a favor de la interpretación subjetiva del pintor. Su proceso pictórico es meditativo y meticuloso,…

... Pepe Castellanos

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1983.

Period of residence in Piramidon: since june 2022.

Work: The artist from the Canary Islands starts from photography to immerse himself in the world of sculpture and later photograph his objectuality in pastel tones. Unvolumen, the…

... Manolo Menéndez

Barcelona, 1998.

Periodo de residencia en Piramidón: desde enero 2022.

Obra: Ana Monsó centra su práctica en reflexiones sobre momentos sagrados, creando obras que son a la vez familiares y nostálgicas. La artista se basa en los recuerdos de la infancia para…

... Ana Monsó

Pol Pintó

Barcelona, 1993.

Periodo de residencia en Piramidón: desde abril de 2021.

Obra: Pol Pintó (Barcelona, 1993) explora las infinitas posibilidades de la acción y en cómo esta deja su rastro en el mundo. Del legado del movimiento nace su obra, caracterizada por…

... Pol Pintó

Barcelona, 1989.

Periodo de residencia en Piramidón: desde marzo de 2021.

Obra: "El trabajo de José Bonell inventa narrativas basadas en un imaginario colectivo, lleno de referencias históricas y literarias, con la intención de crear nuevas imágenes que examinen nuestra relación con el…

... Jose Bonell

Marco Noris

Bérgamo, 1971

Period of residence in Piramidón: since May 2017 

Work: Marco Noris has explored the fields of the video art, the internet art and the photography, but has been the painting the chosen to focus his artistic practice. His…

... Marco Noris

Rosanna Casano

Marsala, 1968

Period of residence in Piramidón: since December 2017

Work: The artist Rosanna Casano settled in Barcelona in 1989, immersed in the artistic world of the city, where she has forged her career. Casano, who started in art in a…

... Rosanna Casano

Kati Riquelme

1978, Santiago de Chile

Period of residence in Piramidón: since October of 2015

Obra: Riquelme works with small formats, forcing the spectator to approximate theirselves to the work from the intimacy. Through meticulous work and modesty, Riquelme claims the value of the…

... Kati Riquelme

Antoni Abad

Lleida, 1956


Period of residence in Piramidón: since November of 2018


Work: Antoni Abad is considered one of the pioneers of electronic art in Spain despite the fact that in his beginnings he worked painting and sculpture. Abad's work reflects…

... Antoni Abad

Iván Franco

Cortegada, 1979

Period of residence in Piramidón: since November 2015

Work: between the intelligible and the visible of the real, his work plays with the observer because he realizes the representation as an absence of reality, an allegory of death, a manifesto…

... Iván Franco

Stella Rahola Matutes


Barcelona, 1980. 

Period of residence in Piramidón:

Since May 2012

Work: In the sculptures of Stella Rahola we can find a wide variety of materials, perhaps more characteristic of architecture than of sculpture itself, such as glass or…

... Stella Rahola Matutes

Eduard Resbier

Barcelona, 1968.

Period of residence in Piramidón: (1) March 1992 - October 2008 (2) November 2016

Work:Through the construction of architectural spaces, both indoors and outdoors, inhabited and uninhabited, the artist Eduard Resbier displays his particular architecture while telling his own…

... Eduard Resbier

Pere de Ribot

Girona, 1962.

Period of residence in Piramidón:

Since April 1995.

Work: With the landscape as a nearly exclusive genre, Pere Ribot captures imaginary places and spaces upon the canvas. It is a question of expaniding horizons that occupy the entire…

... Pere de Ribot

Estefanía Urrutia

 Madrid, 1981.

Period of residence in Piramidón:

Since September 2009.

Work: In her painting, Estefania Urrutia, looks for absence, the poetics of solitude and emptiness. She feels compelled by mysterious doors, the beauty of the simple and everyday, the places…

... Estefanía Urrutia

Tono Carbajo

Vigo, 1960

Period of residence in Piramidón: since December 2000

Work: Combining photography, video, assemblies, drawings and objects, Carbajo investigates in varying directions without finding limits to the expressive language. Basing the structure of his works in the play of…

... Tono Carbajo

Yamandú Canosa

Montevideo, 1954

Period of residence in Piramidón: Since October 2015

Obra: Through multiple techniques, Canosa explores the limits of language creating complex narratives. His interests for cultural identity, memory, interpersonal relationships, uprooting and migration draw a subjective map. His works…

... Yamandú Canosa