Laura Sebastianes



Under the title KIT, the artist Laura Sebastianes (Córdoba, 1990) combines a sample of different processes that communicate and feed back each other. In it, some of the methodological features of Laura Sebastianes are captured: transdisciplinary processes of material research with pieces that range from collage to sculpture, installation or the domesticated object. Her works are between use and poetry, pointing out elements that make up a daily life is a dispersed process, a selection of balances in which there is a method. In continuous interaction with elements and compounds, they triangulate with space, with the senses. A visual composition that has contemplated the functionality of each piece. Each of these has had other pasts, other combinations, and they are now an alterable unit - there a hand, reflection, touch, vibration, a sound, shadow and light.







Collective exhibition



Artists: Alberto Gil, Antoni Abad, Oriol Aribau, Jose Bonell, Alejandro Calderón, Yamandú Canosa, Tono Carbajo, Rosanna Casano, Iván Franco, Marco Noris, Guillermo Pfaff, Pol Pintó, Stella Rahola, Kati Riquelme, Eduard Resbier, Lorena Ruiz.