Yamandú Canosa

Montevideo, 1954

Period of residence in Piramidón: Since October 2015

Work: Through a variety of techniques, Canosa explores the boundaries of language, creating intricate narratives. Her interests in cultural identity, memory, interpersonal relationships, uprooting, and migrations sketch a subjective map. Her works consistently generate a continuous tension between sign and metalanguage, between reference and metaphor. While her work has ties to drawing and painting, starting in the 90s, she developed a grammar of installation, arranging the artwork in space as a form of "expanded painting." The entirety of her work systematically embraces cross-cultural and hybrid aesthetics.

Latests exhibitions:

  • La casa empática. 58th edition Venice Biennale 2019. Pavilion of Uruguay. Venice. 2019
  • Geometrías Urbanas. Galería Zielinsky. Barcelona. 2019 
  • Materia Prima. Fabra i Coats. Barcelona. 2017 
  • 3 ondas y luz. Aurora Galería, Barcelona. 2016 


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