Pere de Ribot

Girona, 1962.

Period of residence in PiramidónSince April 1995.

Work: With the landscape as his almost exclusive genre, Pere de Ribot captures imagined places and spaces on canvas. These are horizons that expand to occupy the entirety of the canvas, blending geometry with elements of the fantastic and the mystical. The artist works through the layering technique. The first layer, a nearly imperceptible monochromatic relief, serves as a transparent base for the various superimpositions that gracefully spread across the canvas. Confident brushstrokes blend with drips that help establish this contemplative atmosphere, which seems to briefly unite the sky and the earth.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Inmersión. Galería Esther Montoriol. Barcelona. 2018
  • Inmersión. Galería Angeles Penche. Madrid. 2017
  • 2 De Dos. MH Art Gallery. Bilbao. 2016
  • Casa Hemingway. Juan Dolio. Dominican Republic. 2016



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