Rosanna Casano

Marsala, 1968

Period of residence in Piramidón: since December 2017

Work: The artist Rosanna Casano settled in Barcelona in 1989, immersed in the artistic world of the city, where she has forged her career. Casano, who started in art in a self-taught way, proposes abstract works where geometrical forms and patterns predominate; remembering, on many occasions, architectural forms.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Tramoie. Piramidón, Centre d'Art Contemporani. Barcelona. 2019
  • Abstracciones. Pigment Gallery. Barcelona. 2018
  • Exercicis d'estil. Galería Esther Montoriol. Barcelona. 2017
  • Exercicis d'estil. Galeria fabrici Galvani. Toulouse. 2017

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