Martí Sawe

Barcelona, 1986

Residency period at Piramidón: Since August 2023

Work: Although figurative, Sawe's work rarely delves into the reality that surrounds us. Sawe is not interested in depicting the world as seen by our eyes. His works may appear more like dreams, as if the artist leaned in to listen to his subconscious in the freest and most unconditional way possible. In this way, his works emerge strongly tinged with humor, satire, and irony. A subtle humor that can provide the viewer with a space for their own interpretation and reflection.

Recent exhibitions:

  • 2023 OUTSIDERS_Group exhibition at Layup Gallery_Gdansk
  • 2023 TELENTRANSPORTATION 2 TOKYO_Group exhibition at AA_kabutocho_Tokyo
  • 2022 ***** **** Magic Word_Duo exhibition with J.Demsky at Extend Gallery_Brussels
  • 2022 Gemütlichkeit_Group exhibition at Haos Galerie_Nantes
  • 2022 I don’t wanna be I am_Group exhibition at Rex Romae_Dubai


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