Eduard Resbier

Barcelona, 1968.

Period of residence in Piramidón: (1) March 1992 - October 2008 (2) November 2016

Work: Through the construction of architectural spaces, both indoors and outdoors, inhabited and uninhabited, the artist Eduard Resbier displays his particular architecture while telling his own story. The artist uses visual distortions, the chromatic reduction of scenes and the general blurring of these scenes through blending and sweeping brush strokes across the medium. These effects attain an excellent expressive level in landscapes and scenarios that the artist chooses in order to present us with a kind of second reality, brushed by both air and by time.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Licht und Zeit, Galeria Trama, Barcelona, 2012. 
  • MARE, Loop 2012, Barcelona. 
  • Horizonte de sucesos, Galeria Trama, Barcelona, 2011


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