Esteve Casanoves

Oristà, Osona, 1954.

Period of residence in Piramidón:

June 1994 - July 2013

Work: Esteve Casanoves manifests himself through sculpture, painting, photography, video and installations with the intention to communicate with the viewer directly, without stammering. The artist investigates the environment of the intersections that occur between the different elements; the construction and deconstruction, movement and stillness. Poetry is breathed in his works that prove both strong and secure. His art is one that is both rhythmic and poetic, that far from figurative representation, becomes the mid-point between delirium and reason.
The artist investigates with materials, textures, spaces, and lights. His work appears to be a labyrinth, with trails and junctions that confuse the viewer with the aim of making one question his own path.

Latest exhibitions:
- Suspended time, Antonio Pérez Foundation, Cuenca, 2012.

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