Paco García Barcos

Zaragoza, 1957.

Period of residence in Piramidón:

January 2007 - April 2011.

Work: The work of Paco García Barcos is an invitation to the world of the grotesque and the absurd. His work is arranged through collage and the interventions of both old and new objects from diverse places. The Fran Doutedetoute Impossible Store, one of the highlights of the artist, is a work in progress that Garcia Barcos is constantly changing and expanding. This work consists of an orderly accumulation of dolls, puppets, games, taxidermy, electrical toys, stories, and boxes.

Latest exhibitions:
- Bankers, Jokers, Fernando Latorre Gallery, Madrid, 2012.
- About how we love men. Puppet theater, Fernando Latorre Gallery, Madrid, 2008.
- Fran Doutedetoute. Impossible shop, H2O Gallery, Barcelona, 2007.
- Skull Circus, S. A. , Fernando Latorre Gallery, Madrid, 2006.


Video exposición Fran Doutedetoute. Impossible shop


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