Khalid el Bekay

Casablanca, 1966.

Period of residence in Piramidón:

November 1997 - May 2012.

Work: The works of Khalid El Bekay are a crossroads of cultures, a forum where the artist’s thoughts and feelings express his most personal concerns.
At first sight, his works seem to hold the same parameter that identifies them with a personal stamp. However, El Bekay never falls into redundancy, despite the fact that he explains, time and again, similar situations. The color schemes and references to his origins are key features in a work of great expressive power.

Latest exhibitions:

- Individual exhibition, Galería Jorge Alcolea, Barcelona. 2019. 

- 30 de Cinquante, Soartgallery, Casablanca. 2017. Individual exhibition.

- Gerni-K, MX Art Gallery, Bilbao. 2017. Collective exhibition.

- AU-BEIJING, Fondation Hassan II, Rabat. 2016. Individual exhibition. 

- AU-BEIJING, Galería Espiral, Bilbao. 2015. Individual exhibition. 

- Los colores de la tierra, Sala "Albaicín", Palacio de Cultura Marqués de Albaicín, Noja. 2014. Individual exhibition. 

- Antoni Pinyol Gallery. Barcelona. 2012.

- Terre, Delacroix Gallery. Tangiers. 2012. Individual exhibition. 

- Torre Vella. Salou. 2012.

- Costantini Gallery. Milan. 2011


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