Keila Alaver

Paraná, Brazill, 1970

Period of residence in Piramidón: since January 2020.

Work: Keila Alaver, trained in Plastic Arts by the Fundación Alvarez Penteado (FAAP), Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil, lives and works in Alaró, Mallorca, where she settled just over two years ago. In his extensive career, he has exhibited in some of the most important Brazilian galleries, internationally recognized, such as Galería Luisa Strina or Galería Vermelho. 

The point from which the works of Keila Alaver start is the continuous search for objects with particular characteristics and suitable for transformation. Starting from his personal archive and acquired pieces such as abandoned objects or commercialized in stores, markets and popular fairs of the local culture, she makes unique and original creations. The proposal is to gather aspects of the popular culture of the city and thus highlight relations of the contemporary urban context.

In her work, the artist investigates representative objects of the culture in which she resides and that have gradually disappeared from the market, either due to a lack of intereset from consumers, or by the change in the local production system. As well as the emergence of large-scale production objects, which obtain a cheaper market value and have no connection to the idiosyncrasy of the place. Keila Alaver seeks to capture the essence of the chosen objects, using appropiation as a resource fro the creation of her work. 

Latest exhibitions: 

  • Muntanyes, precipicis, boscos i coves parlen, Centre Culturales Casal Son Tugores, Alaró, Mallorca. 2019.
  • Exposición colectiva, Tô Bege, Museu de Porreres, Mallorca, 2018. Exposición individual. 
  • JustLX. Lisboa Contemporary Art Fair, Museu Carris, Lisboa, Portugal. 2018. 
  • FluPlu, Casal Son Tugores,  Alaró, Mallorca. 2017. Exposición individual.
  • Parte - 2017, Clube A Hebraica, Sao Paulo, Brasil. 2017. 
  • Aprendendo a viver com a sujeira, Galería Vermelho, Sao Paulo, Brasil. 2015. Exposición colectiva 
  • Proyecto Glory Hole - A Caixa Maravihosa, Galería Jaqueline Martins, Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2015. Exposición individual.
  • Corpo Mobília, Galería Vermelho, Sao Paulo, Brasil. 2013.


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