Milena Rossignoli

Quito, 1990.

Period of residence in Piramidón: (1) Since August 2014 to January 2015. (2) Since October 2016 to March 2017.

Work: Milena Rossignoli's work deals with space as a place of overlying, a constant shift between be and tridimensionality. A nomad spirit due to her biography, in her research the dimensions of the world appear to be germane and prone to eternal mutation. Elastics. Space undergoes a complex and individual perception: gaze, body mass, sight, hearing, smell, and mood. Milena creates a complex and oscillating system of recognition and definition, that each and every time requires an analysis and a new approach. The center of her focus there is the void as the synonym of absence and a free zone, enclosed by a structure that could be the object's packaging as well as architecture. The geometry of construction is a structural value that underlines the cardinal points of her work, the keyword to unpack, translate and reorganise reality.

Latest exhibitions:

- All in One. Ex sala conferenze ITCG "I. Einaudi". Chiari. 2016.

- Unire le distanze. VANNI. Torino. 2016. (Exposición individual)

- Angoli inclini all’ordine. Locale Due. Bologna. 2016. (Exposición individual)

- Geometrie di ri essione. Meccaniche Ceruti. Brescia. 2016.



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