Avelino Sala

Gijón, 1972. 

Period of residence in Piramidón: Since August 2014.

Work: The aesthetic —that also have a strong ethical— raised by Avelino Sala throughout his career articulate a discourse certainly personal, coherent, and yet complex in their readings and their looks.

The diversity of mechanisms employed and expressive languages, which include among others the video, sculpture, photography, neon, drawing or plural world of objects, keeps his (coherent) idea of art but at the same time complex on the diversity of views. 

His images, largely appear to us like allegories or metonymies that exemplify the loneliness of the individual, the frailties that are created in your own personal position, and in the interstices while underlying entities in the global discourse history, or flows and also questions about identity and memory that do nothing but affirm its perishability and missed, they belong to some sort of non-place.

Últimas exposiciones:

- Museo Arqueológico de la revuelta. Caseta Puente de Deusto. Bilbao. 2016. (Exposición individual)

- Tiempos Nuevos, Tiempos Salvaje. Museo Nacional del Sarape, Saltillo. México. 2016. (Exposición incividual)

- PIGS. Centro Museo ARTIUM. Vitoria. 2016.

- ARCO. Galeria ADN, Madrid. 2016




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