Albert Vergés

Tortosa, 1967

Period of residence in Piramidón:

May 2001 - January 2008

Work: A technical engineer in tele-communication, the artist Albert Vergés uses the binary code to express the complexity of the world. Vergés can reduce any   written discourse or numerical construction into a succession of zeros and ones, thus relating technology with art.

During the process of creation, the artist paints beside of a computer that translates the information into binary code. The coded words compel the viewer to travel a reverse path to rediscover the signs with which we are more accustomed to live.

Latest exhibitions:

- 100,000 Haikus, Roselles Gallery, Roses, 2006.

- Lei Wei, Kubiko Space, Madrid, 2005.

- Marketing MIX, Àmbit Art Gallery, Barcelona, 2004.




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