Jordi Fulla

Igualada, 1967.

Period of residence in Piramidón:

October 1991 - January 2005.

Work: With nature as its erratic resource, the work of Jordi Fulla invites us unto the questioning of the human vision of the world. Reverse mapping, water mirrors and bubbles as containers of visions of the cosmos lead us toward an outward- and upward-looking view of our society.
To read the works of Fulla as simple landscapes would mean remaining outside of a new illusionist country; aquatic, global and detailed, where these manipulated realities seem to demonstrate to us the inevitable passage of time.

Latest exhibitions:

- Sauter d'a Nuage a l'autre, Trama Gallery, Barcelona, 2012.
- The available artist, Vila Casas Foundation, Barcelona, 2011.
- Sixteen thousand days on the roof, Vila Casas Foundation, Barcelona, 2011.

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