Jordi Cano

Vic, 1954.

Period of residence in Piramidón:

July 1994 - September 2008.

Work: The painter and engraver Jordi Cano uses a language based on the incorporation of literary resources combined with visual and formal findings that emerge from painting.
His work is nourished by fables and his pieces seem to have come forth from stories that evoke childlike innocence through his use of transparencies and the color white . Notwithstanding, the black silhouettes that appear on the surface of the paintings seem to deny this innocence, counterposing the characters of the classic children’s literature with the myths of modern and contemporary art.

Latest exhibitions:

- 7:00 AM, María José Castellví Gallery, 2003.
- Mª José Castellví Gallery, Barcelona, 2000.
- Trama Gallery, Barcelona, 1997.

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