Katharina Arndt

Oschatz, 1981

Period of Residency at Piramidón:  February - April 2024

Obra: Their quick and colorful paintings satirize the consumerist aesthetic of contemporary society by depicting daily life in the digital age. The symbol they employ is that of the 'surface' - both social, cultural, and material. In the hyperreal and immaterial world of the internet, visual appearance is predominant, representing an artificial and superficial resistance against mortality. They use artificial mediums such as latex canvas and glossy acrylic to explore this dynamic, considering their work as a psychological reflection of a consumerist society attempting to evade its own finitude.

Latests Exhibitions:

  • welcome to the pleasure dome“ Kanya Kage, Berlin
  • Whoop Whoop“ VIN Gallery, Saigon/Vietnam
  • hot guys, hot chicks, hot pants“ RedD Gallery, Chania/Greece
  • while waiting for death“ Mott Projects, NY/US
  • Divas after work“ Station Gallery, Bratislava
  • Don’t call me Babe!“ Artual Gallery, Beirut/Lebano



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