Attila Kertész

Budapest, 1985

Period of Residency at Piramidón: February - April 2024

Work:  Their work delves into the realms of the unconscious and the delicate balance between the familiar and the unknown. They explore the raw instinct within the intricate interplay of birth and death, vulnerability and security, as well as kinship and solitude in the human experience. Their recent foray into figurative painting showcases entities that are part-animal, part-human, entwined within the canvas, enveloped by a monochromatic backdrop reminiscent of the safety of the prenatal environment. Purposefully disrupting the human form, they craft an illusion of abstract organisms, allowing fluidity for perpetual adjustment and transformation. Through their tonal acrylic paintings, they eloquently capture the inherent melancholy intertwined with the essence of survival.


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