Vicente Prieto Gaggero

Chile, 1989

Period of Residency at Piramidón: January - April 2024

Work: Prieto Gaggero explores the primal essence of clay in his art, experimenting with its textures and forms to express thoughts and emotions. He combines modern techniques with the basic nature of the material, creating objects that evoke both the primitive and the contemporary. His work fuses natural elements - earth, water, air, and fire - to explore universal themes such as mystery, love, and human conflicts. He draws inspiration from ancestral traditions, such as pre-Columbian pottery, while incorporating influences from more recent artistic movements such as Art Nouveau, neo-pop, and cyberpunk. In summary, his art seeks to connect the past with the present through new forms and meanings.

Latests Exhibitions:

  • 2021 Underground Future. Isabel Croxatto Galería. Santiago, Chile.
  • 2020 Todo lo que puede un cuerpo. Galería Concreta, Matucana 100. Santiago, Chile.
  • 2019 Illicit Futures. La Salita Gallery. New York City, USA.
  • 2019 Aullido. OMA Art Gallery. Santiago, Chile.


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