Tuike Souza


Period of residence in Piramidón: February 2023.

Work: Interested in street art, architecture, minimalism, and pop art, Tuike's works are a blend of as many different influences as his cultural background. Color, shape, and line are the essential basis on which Tuike's stroke work follows; his paintings, the result of a gentle synthesis of color and form, draw the human figure and pure lines in two-dimensional space.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Kahn Gallery, London (2021)
  • Artevistas Gallery, Barcelona (2020)
  • Wtartspace, Barcelona (2020)
  • Bacanal Cafe, Barcelona (2018)
  • Cartel011, São Paulo (2012)
  • Mar llo, Barcelona (2016)
  • Centro Cultural Iguatemi, São José do Rio Preto (2014)
  • ECAD, Zaragoza (2012)


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