Lucas Estévez

Madrid, 1991.

Period of residence in Piramidon: from September 2021.

Work: Lucas Estévez installs his own pictorial universe to delineate an experience. The result is a series of devices that resort to painting to inhabit it, from which a pictography and a specific palette are born. Estévez seeks to provoke a tension between the machine and the human being, the organic and the geometric, questioning the reality of the virtual.


Latest exhibitions:

  • - No temas, la isla esta llena de ruidos, Galeria NAC, Santiago, Chile, 2020.
  • - Arquitectura de la desolación, Residencia Epecuén, Galeria Ambos Mundos, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019.
  • - Denominación de origen. Galeria Patricia Ready, Santiago, Chile, 2017.



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