Lorena Ruiz

Barcelona, 1989.

Period of residence in Piramidón: April 2021.

Work: Lorena Ruiz Pellicero is a visual artist who primarily uses photography and video art as her means of expression. She graduated in Audiovisual Communication and in 2015 completed a Master's in Contemporary Photography at the EFTI school in Madrid, where she began to develop her initial projects. After a few years of collaborating as a graphic editor and photographer at the newspaper EL PAÍS, she is now focused on her artistic production. She enjoys telling stories through everyday objects, as they allow her to play in the space between reality and fiction, in the realm of double meanings and metaphors. She seeks humor and poetry in inanimate elements, somehow humanizing them. She believes that in a world where everything is symbolizable, the division between the complex and the absurd dissolves in the momentary sense.



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