Miguel Ángel Pascual


Madrid, 1974.

Period of residence in Piramidón:

Since January 2000.

Work: Miguel Ángel Pascual’s painting moves between the iconic postmodern and the traditional baroque technique. Its narrative strategy consists in comparing images taken from a variety of sources to generate new meanings. These images, located in spaces called "not places" such as airports or train stations, are spaces of transit that work like iconographic containers whereby inserting different motives, they generates new discourses. His form of applying the paint is analytical, reproducing pixels and graphic effects and data-imaging mixed with gestural painting.

Latest exhibitions:

- Collections: Lapse, Quiosc Gallery, Tremp, 2013.

- Collections, Ferran Cano Gallery, Barcelona, 2011.

- Handbook, Ferran Cano Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, 2010

Web: www.miguelangelpascual.net




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