Stella Rahola Matutes

Barcelona, 1980. 

Period of residence in Piramidón:

Since May 2012

Work: In the sculptures of Stella Rahola we can find a wide variety of materials, perhaps more characteristic of architecture than of sculpture itself, such as glass or concrete. Through the use of alternative techniques and by pursuing the limits of the possibilities of the material, the artist executes an investigation in order to obtain results that provoke both order and confusion, attractions and animosities. In her recent works, the artist chooses porcelain and glass, materials linked culturally to tradition and crafts and used in the production of household items. Through this, these objects cause a double reaction of seduction; first through the legacy associated with the domestic world, while on the other hand by the reinforcement of the idea of the unusual.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Solo exhibition, ECAC, Xiamen, China 2013.
  • Struggle for pleasure, (II Festival Gazes of Women), Piramidón, Center for Contemporary Art, Barcelona, 2013.
  • The ressonancia of matter, Arts Santa Monica Barcelona, 2013.



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