Guillermo Pfaff

Barcelona, 1976 

Period of residence in Piramidón: since May 2012

Work: Guillermo Pfaff focuses his artistic practice in the study of pictorial acts and he poses a reflection about the very essence of painting. His works revolve around the claims and the proposed questioning of pictorial language. Through media such as paper, canvas or sculptural material, Pfaff arrives at a creation of a work of art following an extensive investigative procedure, which is an essential part of his creative process. The work of art is nothing more than the result of this productive course without tangible subject matter.

Latest exhibitions

Over Easy. Carles Taché Gallery. Barcelona. 2018

Aire de Montserrat. Espai d’art Pere Pruna, Museu de Montserrat. Montserrat. 2017

Exhibition. Heinrich Ehrhardt. Madrid. 2016

Contemporary Art Fair. Art New York, Carles Taché Gallery. New York. 2016



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