Agustina Palazzo

Córdoba, Argentina. 1992

Period of residence in Piramidón: since July 2019. 

Work: In free fall I inhabit digital uncertainty. I am interested in human behavior, their desires and misunderstandings. Between a critical and poetic vision I feel part of the contradictions of the contemporary crowd, between technological refinement and moral stupidity in compressed attention spans.

I am inspired by science fiction, utopia and dystopia, but I am also sensitive to the present. In that same way I oscillate between different work formats, from the performance to the installation, from the video to the sound piece and from the object to the archive. I try to use technology as a tool, knowing that it expreses social, political and economic conditions in the contemporary world. I mix digital and analog techniques combined with everydat objects.

Sound and radio are recurring elements in my artistic research but my language is audiovisual and technology is my tool. 

Latest exhibitions: 

  • - Radiorator perfomance, Carranza home Gallery, Art Weekend, Córdoba, Argentina. 2019. 
  • - Radiorator, Reshape '19, Barcelona. 2019.
  • - @venus_ok, Installation for Eightsquare, Atípico, Barcelona. 2019.
  • - OpenSunSource, El gusto es nuestro, Chiquita Balería, Buenos Aires. 2019. Collective exhibition.
  • - See the lights, IAAC, Barcelona. 2018. 



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