Nano Valdés

Palma de Mallorca, 1969

Period f residence in Piramidón: since April 2019

Work: Nano Valdés develops his artistic work through sculpture. Most of his work revolves around the concept of the limit, applied in the definition of spaces based on what separates the interior and the exterior. Sometimes used as generators of meanings, in the works of Nano Valdés limits breathe, dissolve, fragment and protect.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Kunst am Schlossberg. Melchnau. Switzerland. 2018 (group exhibition)
  • “Hypercope” Wuhr Square. Langenthal. Switzerland. 2017 (individual exhibition)
  • Uster Wachst. Eine Utopie in drei akten. Switzerland. 2016 (group exhibition)
  • Endless Shapes. Sommer atelier. Switzerland. 2015 (group exhibition)



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