Francesca Pili

Benevento, 1986

Period of residence in Piramidón: since January 2019

Work: Francesca Pili's work is focused on environmental issues, mainly on the causes of pollution and the influence that political interests have on it, taking as a reference the cases related to organized crime in southern Italy, where the artist comes from. To develop his work she uses different formats such as photography, video and objects, among others.

Latest exhibitions:

  • In-differenza, art contest produced by EneganArt, first prize. Fortezza da Basso. Florence. 2018
  • Tacchi Festival. Jerzu, OG. Individual show. 2018
  • Ma il cielo è sempre più blu. Bìfoto fest. Mogoro, OR. Col·lective show. 2018
  • Who knows what's going on in the ladies parlour. Magazzini Fotografici. Naples. 2018


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