Kati Riquelme

1978, Santiago de Chile

Period of residence in Piramidón: since October of 2015

Obra: Riquelme works with small formats, forcing the spectator to approximate theirselves to the work from the intimacy. Through meticulous work and modesty, Riquelme claims the value of the little, shooting and delicate things, in contrast with a society that impose values of opulence and magnificience.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Negro Zorzal. La Impremta. Fineart Igualada. Igualada. 2019
  • Negro Zorzal. Galeria Tigo Migo. Terrassa. 2018.
  • La vejez de Narciso. Espai la Galeria, Centre Cultural. Terrassa. 2016.
  • La vejez de Narciso. Festival Revela't. Barcelona. 2015. 




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