Munich, 1972

Period of residence in Piramidón: since June 2017

Work: Christina Schultz is a performer and multidisciplinary artist who develops her projects on the basis of the collaborative field, research and learning. Her metodologies apply theory to action and are translated into radio and cinematographic works, performances, graphic and written works. In any given format, her main interest is the human being in all its complexity, fact that explains that the mistake and the clumsiness are seen by the artist as opportunities of life instead of as obstacles.

Latest exhibitions:

Trece para una alteración. Sala Usurpada. Barcelona. 2017

UnderLOOP. Cine Avenida de la Luz. Barcelona. 2017

As slow as possible. Embarrat. Tárrega. 2017

Decesion with no Return or A sense of Territory. Islington Mill. Manchester. 2017