Alberto Gil

Zaragoza, 1991

Period of residence in Piramidón: since October 2015 

Work: Alberto Gil focuses his work on the waste of time linked to non-places through repetitive processes like a daily routine in which the production time  helps to understand the idea of lost time.

His process leads to performative acts where the conceptual drawing is the track of urban drift and where white, or leucofobia (fear of white), finds its visual and minimalist representation of that Situationist inactivity period or leaving blank mind.

The title of his work reflects all those numerical data obtained during the work process, usually the time for action and production, in minutes and seconds, like a synthetic explanation.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Artes Visuales Programa de Creación Joven INJUVE 2017. Sala Amadís. Madrid. 2019
  • JustMAD 9. Galería A del Arte. JustSpace, Madrid. 2018
  • PW6 AA: Blanco sobre Blanco. Galería Nogueras Blanchard. L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. 2017
  • 72,969 Kg. Enciclopedia de peso del artista. Blueproject Foundation. Barcelona. 2017



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