Mario Pasqualotto

Barcelona, 1953.

Period of residence in Piramidón:

December 1993 - June 2005

Work: Mario Pasqualotto invites reflection with his works which are created from a rich assortment of materials. Everyday objects; plastics and metals, are all subjected to the will of the artist to create a narrative stemming from deconstruction, and with the ultimate goal of reaching a new construction. The object loses its semantics and approaches new meanings and associations.
Life, the passage of time, death, or barbarism are some of the themes that guide the artist in his investigative process, which lies within a fragile balance between the hard and the sensitive; between the critical and the poetic.

Latest exhibitions:
- Os Huyn Gallery, NY, 2004.
- If this is a man, Gallery Canem, Castellón, 2004.
- Wulbari, E. P.A. Center for Contemporary Art, Turin, 2003.

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