José Ramón Bas


Madrid, 1964.

Period of residence in Piramidón:

Since 1998.

Work: Having started as self-taught in the world of photography, Bas, since his commencement, has been interested in the new forms of expression and the memory of travel. Traveller, photographer and artist; his work comes from a combination of these three terms. His photographs are based on a deep respect for the photographed; children who live far from the materialistic world. These snapshots are combined with collage and writing; complemented by, and coming to a complete and clear speech directed toward the viewer.

Latest exhibitions:

- The most beautiful land, Cuba, Casa de América, Madrid, 2012.

- JustMad 2012, Blanca Berlín, Madrid, 2102.

- Drive my car, Tagomago Gallery,Barcelona/Paris, 2012.






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