For over twenty years, in Piramidón we have been a strong precursor from the relationship between art and business through the art rental.

This is an original, extended in other countries and very attractive for businesses and professionals for their functionality and their undoubted tax benefits. The original artwork has an impact that is certainly perceived by their environment. Communicate an image of prestige and to display a better corporate image dimension.

The biggest advantage of the rental system is to change the works every 24 months, which helps to maintain a dynamic and business renewal. You can also rent for specific events in meeting rooms, auditoriums, showrooms, exhibition stands, movies, etc..


Obra de Patricio Reig


Obra de Carles Gabarró y Carlos Roig


Obra de Carles Gabarró

Alquiler 55

Obra de Carme Garolera

Alquiler 66

Obra de Patricio Reig

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