Buenos Aires, 1971.

Period of residence in Piramidón:

Since April 2011.

Work: The work of Diego Pujal is instantly identifiable and distinguishes itself from the rest by a direct and blunt impact upon the viewer. The artist explores the codes of pictorial language through non-representative painting . Using large monochromatic canvaseses dominated by a solemn and unique form, Pujal freezes precise moments in which the form struggles to communicate with the viewer. In spite of their polished and sophisticated technical aspects, the works are created by hand. Pujal begins by drawing in pencil on paper until he finds, by a mixture of chance, of formal logic and combination of accumulated material, a form that satisfies him. After which, he transfers it to the canvas at which point he determines its tonalities. The simplicity of lines and forms hide an intriguing complexity. Shadows, cuts, joints, and changes of scale all cause a peculiar mixture of three-dimensionality and graphic signals.

Latest exhibitions:

- Miralls, ecos i ombres, David Rhodes and Diego Pujal. Igallery. Palma de Mallorca. 2016.

- Espín, Galería Balaguer. Barcelona. 2016. (Exposición individual)

-  I et and | "homunculosis sígnica" .Galería Balaguer. Barcelona. 2015. (Exposición individual)