Barcelona, 1956.

Period of residence in Piramidón:

Since January 1992.

Work: With a tendency toward repetition as the impetus of his works in series, Carles Gabarro is characterized by his creation of raw works, both fleshy and expressionist. The repeated motifs respond to an interest in learning about something that one can get to through the dedication of one’s life to it.

The painting, superimposed in thick layers, fills the whole of the canvas and finds pleasure in brutality, drips and accidents. The artist works quickly, favoring this leakage and its immediacy, recognizable throughout his entire body of work.

Latest exhibitions:

- Vanitas-Biblioteques, Museu de Montserrat, 2013. 

- Arborescences, Center d'Études Catalanes, Paris, 2012.

- The Factory, Juan Cabré Museum, Calaceite, Teruel, 2010.

- Entanglement, Galerie 10.5 , Paris, 2008.