Former residents

Vác, 1993

Period of residence in Piramidon: August 2023

Work: His art blurs the line between abstraction and the figurative, presenting paintings with vibrant blotches, a free and spontaneous style, and nods to fashion and pop culture. He began by exploring the interaction between urban structures and minimalist art, merging geometric elements with organic expression. He took architectural forms as a starting point, blending them with bold "field of color" strokes. During the pandemic, he shifted towards abstract representations of contemporary pop culture.

Latest exhibitions:


Palma de Mallorca, 1983

Periodo de residencia en Piramidón: Junio 2023.

Obra: Tomás Pizá tiene la habilidad de capturar los viajes emocionales y las transformaciones del paisaje a lo largo del tiempo. Aunque su formación en arquitectura se refleja en su enfoque artístico, busca alejarse de los formalismos convencionales. Su interés por el urbanismo y cómo afecta a las personas que lo habitan es profundo. Considera su trabajo como una especie de arqueología contemporánea, donde desentierra eventos y aspectos ocultos de la historia reciente para reconstruirlos a través de la pintura.  La luz del Mediterráneo, que le fascina, sigue siendo una influencia constante en su obra, incluso cuando se encuentra en lugares más septentrionales. Para el autor, los procesos creativos son más importantes que los temas en sí mismos, ya que estos surgen de manera natural y espontánea.


Argentina, 1971

Period of residence in Piramidon:: May 2023.

Work: Sandra is a painter who is passionate about artistic research and spirituality. She has a particular affinity for conveying and reflecting upon her art. Sandra freely limits herself to materials such as black acrylic paint, Chinese ink, and graphite, using them in various ways and functions. She explores different aspects of darkness and invites us to embark on a journey of vision.


Santiago, Chile, 1993.

Period of residence in Piramidon: March to May 2023

Work: His work is characterized by the exhaustive repetition of movements, strokes, and patterns, which is explored as an aesthetic practice through the selective and random repetition as a new tool for experimentation through error. All of the work is done by hand, on various supports, and stands out for its obsessive cleanliness, neatness, and use of geometry and monochrome as the main focus. Currently, the artist is researching and generating an exploratory process of format and materiality, as well as the reinterpretation of images, objects, and techniques to create new works.

Latest exhibitions:

  • V en Concreta Exposición Colectiva – Galería Concreta / Matucana 100. Santiago, Chile.
  • SEMITONO Exposición Colectiva ︎︎︎ Javier Otero – Edificio Alonso. Santiago, Chile. 
  • Nuevas Generaciones Exposición Colectiva – Galería Artespacio / CV Galería. Santiago, Chile.
  • Mistela Exposición Colectiva – Prisma LX. Lisboa, Portugal.
  • Agami Records Collective Art Exhibition Exposición Colectiva – UnObvious Lab. Lisboa, Portugal.
  • VII Concurso Artespacio Joven Exposición Colectiva – Galería Artespacio. Santiago, Chile.
  • Campo Difuso Exposición Colectiva – CV Galería. Santiago, Chile.



Period of residence in Piramidón: February 2023.

Work: Interested in street art, architecture, minimalism, and pop art, Tuike's works are a blend of as many different influences as his cultural background. Color, shape, and line are the essential basis on which Tuike's stroke work follows; his paintings, the result of a gentle synthesis of color and form, draw the human figure and pure lines in two-dimensional space.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Kahn Gallery, London (2021)
  • Artevistas Gallery, Barcelona (2020)
  • Wtartspace, Barcelona (2020)
  • Bacanal Cafe, Barcelona (2018)
  • Cartel011, São Paulo (2012)
  • Mar llo, Barcelona (2016)
  • Centro Cultural Iguatemi, São José do Rio Preto (2014)
  • ECAD, Zaragoza (2012)


Zaragoza, 1981.

Period of residence in Piramidon: December 2022.

Work: The Aragonese artist, winner of the Piramidón Residency Award in the eighth edition of the MARTE Fair in Castellón, begins her residency during the month of December. Her engravings and artist books become unique pieces: they are objects that mutate their form, playing with concepts to give another meaning to each piece.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Exhibición virtual de MIA ART COLLECTION & ARTEINFORMADO comisariada por Natalia Alonso
  • Exposición individual en Carbonería Espacio de Arte (Galería de Arte), (Huesca, España)
  • FIG BILBAO 2021
  • FERIA MARTE 2021




Treviso, 1973.

Period of residence in Piramidon: November 2022.

Work: His artistic practice focuses on form, color, and materials. Layer by layer, Menis creates small-format works with melted synthetic resin.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Arte Fiera Bologna -  Padiglione 18, Stand D42 - Nuova Galleria Morone - Bologna, 2020
  • Overlays -  Galerie Maximilian Hutz - Hard Austria, 2019
  • Riflessi -  Sharevolution - Genova, 2018




El Salvador, 1989.

Period of residence in Piramidón: May to July 2022 & March to May 2023

Work: Mau's work focuses on a single medium, paper, which he uses to create abstract structures on the surface using art restoration techniques. His mostly monochrome pieces conserve the blank paper to generate a series of patterns and textures visible through the interaction of light and shadow.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Intimate Spaces, Flat8 Gallery, Birmingham, 2018.
  • La Piel Hacia Afuera, Borde, Buenos Aires, 2019.
  • One by one to one million, Birmingham, 2021.



Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1983.

Period of residence in Piramidon: From June 2022 - February 2023

Work: The artist from the Canary Islands comes from photography, and has immerse himself in the world of sculpture. Unvolumen, is the studio where aesthetics  and constant experimentation with materials become minimalist sculptures.

Latest exhibitions:

  • Motel Relax, Galería H2O, Barcelona, 2022.
  • Kinetik, Brummell, Barcelona, 2017
  • Raw Art Fair, Rotterdam, 2014.


Barcelona, 1998.

Period of residence in Piramidón: January 2022 until June 2023.

Work: Ana Monsó focuses her practice on reflections about sacred moments, creating works that are both familiar and nostalgic. The artist draws on childhood memories to create freely, allowing the finished painting to be an amalgam of her inspirations.

Latest exhibitions:

  • La poética de la intimidad. Pigment Gallery. Barcelona 2021.


Jaén. 1998.

Period of residence in Piramidon: from January to April 2022.

Work: Javier creates with his pieces a window into another reality. In this way, they abound with indeterminate places inhabited by decontextualized protagonists. The artist's unique vision is translated into a lively snapshot captured with expressive brushstrokes.

Latest exhibitions:

  • - Hasta donde sé. Galería Víctor Lope. Barcelona 2022.
  • - All cats are grey. Collective Space. Amsterdam 2021. 


Barcelona, 1989.

Period of residence in Piramidón: April 2021.

Work: Lorena Ruiz Pellicero is a visual artist who primarily uses photography and video art as her means of expression. She graduated in Audiovisual Communication and in 2015 completed a Master's in Contemporary Photography at the EFTI school in Madrid, where she began to develop her initial projects. After a few years of collaborating as a graphic editor and photographer at the newspaper EL PAÍS, she is now focused on her artistic production. She enjoys telling stories through everyday objects, as they allow her to play in the space between reality and fiction, in the realm of double meanings and metaphors. She seeks humor and poetry in inanimate elements, somehow humanizing them. She believes that in a world where everything is symbolizable, the division between the complex and the absurd dissolves in the momentary sense.



Madrid, 1978.

Period of residence in Piramidon: April 2021.

Work: Alejandro Calderón knows that metaphor can articulate his entire thinking and argue his search for truth beyond reality. He reflects through those unsettling and seductive images, their shadows and geometric shapes, their presence and absence, on the greatness and meanness of our existence.

Latest exhibitions:

  • ”Las maravillas de Alicia y otras historias”. Galeria Utopia Parkway, Madrid, 2016.
  • ”Muerta Naturaleza” Galería Egam, Madrid, 2013.
  • "Sombras arrojadas, Sombras audaces". Sala de arte El Brocense, Cáceres, 2012.


Orsoy, Alemania, 1969.

Period of residence in Piramidon: June 2021.


Work: Klaus Geigle, a painter and draftsman, studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster, Germany. Nature, landscape, and their inhabitants are the protagonists of his works. He usually works in different series, which tend towards realism, but occasionally touch on the surreal. Geigle approaches the objects he wants to paint with respect, but also with a certain irony. Geigle's work has been presented at different fairs such as Art Cologne and has been awarded some international prizes.


Latest exhibitions:

  • “Esto no es lugar para renacuajos” Galerie Peter Tedden, Düsseldorf, 2020.
  • “Animales desnudos”, Kunstverein, Ahlen, Sala de exposiciones Hawerkamp, Münster, 2019.
  • "Sombras arrojadas, Sombras audaces". Sala de arte El Brocense, Cáceres, 2012.


Madrid, 1991.

Period of residence in Piramidon: from September 2021.

Work: Lucas Estévez installs his own pictorial universe to delineate an experience. The result is a series of devices that resort to painting to inhabit it, from which a pictography and a specific palette are born. Estévez seeks to provoke a tension between the machine and the human being, the organic and the geometric, questioning the reality of the virtual.


Latest exhibitions:

  • - No temas, la isla esta llena de ruidos, Galeria NAC, Santiago, Chile, 2020.
  • - Arquitectura de la desolación, Residencia Epecuén, Galeria Ambos Mundos, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019.
  • - Denominación de origen. Galeria Patricia Ready, Santiago, Chile, 2017.



Chile, 1980.

Period of residence in Piramidon: from October 2021 to March 2022.

Work: Ramiro Peón-Veiga's work operates as a visual mantra that intensifies the act of creation, like weaving, with an intention of connecting and establishing relationships. In his work, repetitions and variations are articulated as parts of a process that allow him to continue investigating painting, graphics, and color as inexhaustible means of expression.

Caracas, Venezuela, 1991.

Period of residence in Piramidon: December 2020 to February 2021.

Work: Francisco Schütte approaches the sculptural fact based on his close relationship with architecture. He emigrated to Barcelona in 2019 after living twenty years of dictatorship. For him, sculpture and architecture occupy a physical space and create, in turn, negative spaces, a more direct and active involvement from the viewer who is enveloped by raw matter. An architectural language that expresses feelings can be appreciated in the selection of materials for the creation of his pieces, such as reinforced concrete, plaster, jute, and asphalt. He dichotomizes labyrinthine atmospheres into geometries and perspectives. The use of the individual as the protagonist of a story advances through an existential bureaucracy, seeking a horizon that he cannot unveil.

Latest exhibitions:

  • - 2021_n1, Piramidón Centre d'Art Contemporani, Barcelona, 2021.
  • - Exposición colectiva, Siu Generis. Barcelona, ​​2020.
  • - Exposición colectiva, LAB-20-1, Galeria Cerquone projects. Caracas, Venezuela, 2020.
  •  - Exposición individual, Haec Murum. Caracas, Venezuela, 2019.




Manaus, Brasil, 1992.

Period of residence in Piramidón:January 2021 to April 2021.

Work: Manauara Clandestina is an artist whose work engages with new perspectives on transgender life and questions the conditions that permeate these experiences. Born in Manaus, she is the daughter of a pair of missionary pastors. As a child, she embarked on missions deep into the Amazon with her family. From a very young age, she sang in church and helped organize theater and other expressions that fit within the Pentecostal evangelical worship. Upon returning to Manaus during her adolescence, she had her first contact with an amateur theater group, igniting her desire to learn more about performance art. A clandestine life eventually led her to the country's largest capital city, and in the midst of a transition and the need to be heard, Manauara Clandestina was born as a nighttime performer. She continues to perform today, expanding her artistic language beyond this format and developing her work across various mediums. Currently, in addition to her individual research, she is dedicated to directing the creation of projects with stylist Vicenta Perrotta.

Latest exhibitions:

2021_n1, Piramidón Centre d'Art Contemporani, Barcelona, 2021.