Space dedicated to the exhibition and sale of works by artists related with Piramidón through their studio. The usual format is a group exhibition formed of a piece of each artist, and twice a year, we organize a solo exhibition. Furthermore, there are activities such as lectures and concerts together with the publication of catalogs of the samples.




Gallery's view

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Last solo exhibitions:


- nublo nobla. Diego Pujal.


- Espacio Industrial. Juan Ortí.

- 16 x 16. Collecive exhibition.


- 25 al quadrat. Collective exhibition.

- Bisturí o arsénico, Carlos Pazos in the collection of Piramidón, Centre d'Art Contemporani. Carlos Pazos.


- Entre sueños, alas y cascabeles. Tono Carbajo.

- Hace falta un aislador. Collective exhibition.


- [GABARRÓ vs PFAFF]. Carles Gabarró - Guillermo Pfaff

- Struggle for pleasure. Stella Rahola Matutes.


- Luz. Estefanía Urrutia.

- Zu Gast in Barcelona. Falk Töpfer.


- Álbum de fotos. Patricio Reig.

- Quinientos sobre papel.


- La Tienda Imposible Fran Doutedetoute. Paco García Barcos. 

- ScapeLands / LandScapes. Pere de Ribot. 




Inauguracio Stella

Stella Rahola opening 2013

Inauguracio urrutia

 Estefanía Urrutia opening 2012

Inauguracion barcos

Paco García Barcos opening 2010

Inauguracion j m reyes

Juan Manuel Reyes opening 2009

Inauguracion h francesch

Héctor Francesch opening 2007

Inauguracion khalid

  Khalid el Bekay opening 2004