In addition to the traditional system, we offer an international membership program which allows you to buy art works and pay in a monthly fees beginning at 60 €, without penalty or interests. If not,  you can accumulate balance with which you can choose any work of our fund in the future. With this system we try to approach to the public and at the same time helps us to move forward with our project to support contemporary artists.

Being Piramidón member also provides other advantages:

- Participate in our openings.
- Participate in the Piramidon's Tuesdays to share experiences with other guests, all with interests in the cultural world.
- Benefits from a framing service and installation of the works in your home for free.
- To receive annually a original prints made by one of our artists (lithography, engraving, etc..)

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Edited graphic works since the beginning


thumb g urrutia

Estefanía Urrutia. 2012

thumb g pujal

Diego Pujal. 2011

thumb g pascual

Miguel Ángel Pascual. 2010

thumb g ribot

Pere de Ribot. 2009

thumb g tono

Tono Carbajo. 2008

thumb g xxxx

Albert Vergés. 2007

thumb g bas

José Ramón Bas. 2006

thumb g patricio

Patricio Reig. 2005 

thumb g pazos

Carlos Pazos. 2004

thumb g ardila

Hernán Ardila. 2003

thumb g casanoves

Esteve Casanoves. 2002

thumb g cano

Jordi Cano. 2001

thumb g fulla

Jordi Fulla. 2000

thumb g gabarro

Carles Gabarró. 1999

thumb g khalid

Khalid el Bekay. 1998

thumb g pasqualotto

Mario Pasqualotto. 1997